Ready To Set Goals For Next Year?

Ready To Set Goals For Next Year?

What’s a goal you set for yourself in January that you still haven’t accomplished?

Don’t be shy or ashamed. Few people will have fared better than you did.

I have already achieved my 2022 goal by following a strong process.

It all starts with understanding what matters to me.

Then I do a bucket list of stretched but achievable goals and I ask myself the question: “What one goal on my list, if I accomplished it, would have the greatest possible impact on my life or my career?”

Finally, I follow a multi-step process to make that goal a reality.

This sounds like it’s a long and difficult process. Actually, it’s not!

In fact, I can take you through this process in less than 1 hour. After just one hour, you will be able to define a goal that resonates with you and that you have a much greater chance of achieving, in life or at work.

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