My name is Pascal Maygnan, I am French, and I live with my family in Germany.  I have been living abroad for most of the past 25 years, in Germany, the US, and the United Arab Emirates. I enjoy discovering and interacting with people of different cultures because they enrich my world and make me a better human being.

I studied International Business and Finance and graduated with an MBA from Columbia Business School, New York City in 2004. My career spans more than 25 years of international experience in blue chip companies, most recently as an international CFO. In that role, I help organizations create and sustain profitable growth. I was also an entrepreneur, starting a wine tasting business and feeling the growing pains of running a new venture.

My passion is leadership and developing people. As a leader, I turned around teams to bring them to a high level of performance. I coach my teams and their leaders so they can enhance their own leadership presence. As an executive and life coach, I am coaching leaders, teams, and individuals to motivate them to take action, so they become more successful in their roles, achieve the goals they set for themselves and find purpose in life.

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Why Coaching?

My journey into coaching started in 2016 while living in Dubai. I was promoted to take over a large finance team in Europe. Although I was thrilled by this opportunity, I also felt very unsecure about the future; I was afraid of not knowing how to manage that big team; a little voice inside me kept whispering that this was way out of my league. I also felt very lonely professionally, having no-one I could talk to about how I felt or what I should do.

Hiring an executive coach is by far the best career decision I have made. With my coach, I identified self-limiting beliefs that prevented me from reaching my full leadership potential. I discovered that my fear of being judged by others restrained me from taking action. My own reflection of who I was, and what drove me in life led me to make more resonant choices and live fully aligned with my values. Finally, I realized that what I loved doing at work with my teams – i.e., helping people develop and grow – was essentially coaching others. This is what brought me to a coaching education.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I completed my training with the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), the leading coaching school worldwide, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a Co-Active® Coach, I work with you to, first set challenging goals that will add to your life; and second, achieve those goals. As a coach, I function as a sounding board, and offer support, encouragement, feedback, and direction for you to step beyond your current situation and to take a great leap in work or life.

How I Work

I coach with a strong balance of using curiosity, my intuition, and listening to you. I will also work with you to deepen your understanding of yourself and forward your learning. As a coach, I do this for you:

  • Ask provocative questions
  • Partner with you to develop desired new skills, stop self-defeating habits, improve personal performance, and overcome obstacles that are preventing your growth
  • Inspire and facilitate personal achievement and fulfillment of your life and career goals
  • Provide challenges and brainstorming
  • Provide the structure and focus needed for you to stay in action
  • Hold you accountable to action