Six-month Program

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Executives & Leaders

My Executive & Leader Coaching Program is a six-month one-to-one coaching program which will transform you as a Leader and enrich you profoundly in your work and life.

Before the program starts

Before you begin your executive coaching program, I will ask you to fill a questionnaire. Then, we will have a 2-hour Discovery session where we will review your questionnaire and discuss about your current leadership challenges, what your goals for the coaching program are, and what goals you want to set for yourself to impact your leadership. During the session, if we feel we have a good chemistry to work together, we will move into the program. The program will span six months and consists of several blocks.

Block 1: Set objectives for the coaching program

This will typically be done in a 1 to 2-hour session with you, me, and your sponsor in the company (if relevant). Together, we will review your recent 360˚ feedback or results of assessments you may have taken within your company. Based on these assessments, we will make sure your goals address the developmental areas which will have the greatest impact on your performance and your growth as an Executive and Leader.

Three-month Program

Coaching for


My Life Coaching Program is a three-month one-to-one coaching program which will put you back on track with whatever it is you want to reach in life, give you a purpose, and make you feel enriched and fulfilled every day with the life you have designed for yourself.

Before we start the coaching, I will ask you to fill a comprehensive questionnaire which will have you think deeply about your goals for the next six to twelve months, the areas where you are giving up in life, what your wildest dreams are, who your role models are, etc.

The coaching program will then start with a 2-hour Discovery session during which we will review your questionnaire and go deeper into the goals you want to set for the coaching program. This session is also our opportunity to define how we work together during the three months the program lasts.

After the Discovery session, we will have a total of eight coaching sessions of 45 to 60 minutes each. Over the course of three months, this means about one coaching session every two weeks. At the end of the three-month coaching program, we will evaluate where you are with your goals and whether you want to continue coaching.

Block 2: One-to-one coaching

Usually, this will be a 45 to 60-minute session every two weeks for six months. In total, there will be twelve sessions. Coaching will take place either face to face, virtually through Zoom or phone calls, or a combination of these means, whatever works best for you and that we agree upon. In-between sessions, I will continue to offer you email and phone support as needed. Likewise, if during the 6-month program, you need me for some immediate coaching on an important topic or challenge, I will be here for you.

Block 3: Evaluation

There will be 2 1-hour evaluation sessions with you, me, and your sponsor in the company (if relevant): One after three months where we will evaluate your progress, and one after six months. Ideally, we will run some assessments again (360˚ feedback, etc.) in order to have an objective view of your progress, and to identify areas that may require additional coaching or work from your part.

Based on the results of these evaluations, you may decide to renew coaching for additional months, on the basis of two sessions of 45 to 60 minutes per month.

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Complimentary Chemistry Session

If you are curious about coaching and whether this is for you, please schedule your complimentary 30-minute Chemistry session with me now. The goal of the Chemistry session is for you to experience coaching and answer any question you may have. In addition, if during the session we feel there is good chemistry between you and me as your Coach, you can then decide to move into a more comprehensive coaching relationship.