What is coaching?

Coaching focuses

on you and your learning

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. Coaching helps you to learn rather than teaching you.

Coaching is different from Consulting, Mentoring, or Counseling/Therapy. None of these activities is better than another. Each one is best suited for a specific situation. If you want to learn more about the differences between these different methodologies, check my video.

Coaching is about being held accountable by me as your coach for the commitments that are made during each session. I will make sure that there are no excuses for not following up on your goals and dreams.

Coaching is not for everyone though. You need to be READY for coaching. Coaching is for you if:

  • You are self-aware and are not afraid of looking into your strengths and weaknesses
  • You are responsible and accountable, and you don’t find excuses
  • You are curious, you accept that there is always something to learn and that change is all around
  • You can listen to feedback, accept your shortcomings, and take action to address them
  • You profoundly desire to change or to transform
  • You consciously want to build the life and career you aspire to

If this is you, I am here to serve YOU!

My Coaching Approach

Many of my clients

seek out my services to:

  • Transition into or onboard a new role, e.g., after being promoted
  • Step up as a first-time manager
  • Develop executive presence and communication skills
  • Lead and motivate their team for high performance
  • Stop self-limiting beliefs holding them back in their career
  • Maximize their potential in life and at work
  • Navigate through major changes or challenges
  • Deal with uncertainty about their next step
  • Change job/career
  • Adjust to a new culture as an expatriate
  • Fight a strong dissonance in their life or at work
  • Find their life purpose, and get clarity on their life goals
  • Manage work/life balance
  • Manage their time efficiently
  • Navigate difficult conversations
  • Live a healthy life

I am using the Co-Active approach for my Coaching: At its most basic, Co-Active simply means “being together…in action”. It intends to put back who we are (the “being”) at the center of the discussion instead of just focusing on getting the job done (the “doing”). In today’s world, our lives are increasingly action-oriented and results-driven. This leaves us with a strong feeling of disconnection and desperate for meaning and belonging.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), I am experienced in the whole process of coaching. What this means for you is that you can count on professional and ethical standards of coaching, as well as strong accountability on my part to support you in achieving your goals successfully.

Executive Coaching

Impact your


You are a successful executive/leader in management or at the very top of your company. You drive results and teams forward. You are full of energy, very reliable, people depend on you to make things happen in the company. You are an achiever.

Or you are an executive/leader recently promoted to a new role, or  perhaps a first-time manager. You are taking on a new team onboard, maybe leading them through significant change or reorganization. You have to build a new team or are jumping in the shoes of a first-time manager.

One thing is sure, it can feel lonely to be at the helm with big responsibilities and people relying on you for further success. Do you feel alone to make decisions? Are you constantly under pressure to deliver great results? Have you started telling yourself you don’t have enough time in your days to do all your work? Is your work/life balance adversely affected by that? Do you start doubting yourself and your abilities? Are you becoming convinced that you are now on the path to failure or hitting the wall?

If you replied yes to some of the questions above, chances are, you are pushing yourself for more, in order to continue producing high performance. This costs you energy and affects your health.

In those situations, you start wondering how you regain control of your life. What you have now is not at all what you imagined for yourself. You want something more, something different, but you cannot name it precisely. You need someone you can trust and to whom you can confide openly about everything that matters to you.

That someone must also understand what leadership is, and what being a successful executive means. That someone will hold the space for you, keep you accountable, and stretch you to go beyond your self-limiting beliefs and fears, so you become a better you, able to take action on the goals you define for yourself.

As your executive coach, I will do all of that. I bring more than 25 years of international executive finance experience in blue chip companies across the world. I have set up and led large teams to high performance, leading them through significant change and reorganization. I have done this while at the same time remaining a master of my own time.

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Team Coaching


a high-performing team

Whatever your role in your organization, a first-time manager, an experienced executive or the CEO of your company, managing your team is not an easy feat. Like many leaders, you may not have really deciphered the code of collaboration and high performance in your team. You are most likely facing one or several leaders’ top challenges: Managing difficult people, communicating effectively, driving change, going through a reorganization, develop your people, or managing a multi-cultural or virtual team. Or maybe, another team and their leader in your organization are having these challenges.

This is the point where a more solid intervention with an external partner can bring tremendous advantages to the team and increase its effectiveness significantly. You need that partner to unlock the potential of the team considered as a whole system. You want that partner to help you empower your team in several ways that will eventually lead to better communication, enhanced quality and efficiency, and increased collaboration.

As your team coach, I will be this external partner, who will support you or your leader and the team to get back on the path of higher performance and efficiency.

As a senior executive myself, I have been in your shoes before. I have had difficult conversations with team leaders; I had to turn around large teams and bring them to an increased level of collaboration and efficiency; I had to manage significant change and lead teams through reorganizations. I understand how it feels to be at the helm of the team and not knowing it all or feeling like an impostor in the leader role. I can help you and your team.

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Personal Coaching

Get back on track

with the life you want

You are successful in life, have maybe grown a family and achieved a lot to date. However, deep in you, there is that feeling that you are not doing what you want, you are fed up with your work, you do not have time to enjoy life out of work more, or to spend more time with your family. You want to change career and do something that really appeals to you. You are moving to a new country, a new culture, and you find it hard to adapt. You know where you want to get headed but you are clueless what you need to do to get there.

You feel that you need someone to hold the space for you, support you. Someone you can discuss with full trust and confidentiality about your fears and hopes, your goals. Someone who can help you find your purpose in life, who will work with you to identify your values and strengths and who will guide you on leveraging them to be that successful person you want to be in life.

As your Personal Coach, I will do all of that. Your coaching journey will be full of courage, trust, honesty, speaking the truth, and being accountable for taking action.

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