Feed the Mind!

I love baking!

Baking bread is one of my kitchen highlights. I feel so much pride when I see that mix of flour, sourdough, water and grains transform under my work into something that is eatable.

The secret of good bread is the sourdough. To get it to work well, you have to feed it constantly, so it keeps growing and ferment enough to allow for the bread to leaven properly.

The process of feeding the sourdough is no different to me than the process of feeding the mind, to continue learning and growing.

How do I feed my mind? Through a combination of reading, being curious at all times, experiencing with new things, learning from others. That process helps me tremendously in my role as a finance leader. But also in my role as a coach, where curiosity is a critical component of supporting a client discover her values, her self-limiting beliefs and get her into action to achieve her goals.

And for you, how do you feed your mind? What is your magical combination of things you do that makes you achieve your goals or be successful in life? Maybe you do not know yet. Is it the right time then to consider having a coach?

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