Do You Have The Right Stuff?

About 2 months ago, on December 7 2020, Chuck Yeager, a World War II flying ace and the first pilot ever to break the sound barrier in his X-1 in 1947 died.

For many, and similar to the astronauts NASA had started selecting for their first few space programs, Yeager had the “right stuff”.

Having the right stuff in the world of Yeager meant taking enormous risks as a test pilot, accepting the danger of the missions, having immense courage, and having exceptional mental and physical capabilities – all qualities required by the job.

What is the “right stuff” when you are a leader?

To me, based on my experience, having the right stuff as a leader means:

1. Courage: To stand for your opinions and give cover to your team, so they can do their work
2. Integrity: At all times; you do not compromise on your values or the values of the team
3. Empathy: Listening to the people in your team, being aware of their goals and challenges, being open to their feedback, and being ready to show vulnerability when it is necessary (i.e., you ask for help when you need it)
4. Results: You know the job, you continuously learn to improve, you coach your team to deliver great results

What about you? What in your experience makes a good leader? What is the “right stuff” to have? Tell me in the comments.

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