5 Questions To Coach Your Team

5 Questions To Coach Your Team

The best leaders I have worked with act as coaches for others.

Coaching is a great approach to create trust and a safe space for the person that is coached.

Coaching works because the premise is that the person coached has all the resources they need in them to make the best decisions for what matters to them.

The coach/leader helps the person coaches access these inner resources by asking powerful questions.

A powerful question is one that supports and challenges the person coached to go beyond self-limiting beliefs, fears, doubt, and take decisive action that will make them achieve their goals.

As a freelance coach myself, I also use powerful questions whenever I can with the people on my team.

Here are 5 of my favorite coaching questions to ask:

1. What’s the impact on you of not doing anything/not achieving this? (Impact)

2. What help do you need from me? (Help)

3. How do you feel about that? (Emotion)

4. What is your take-away/learning from this? (Learning)

5. If you had no constraints, what would you do? (Possibilities)

What other powerful questions do you ask the people on your team?

Here are 2 ways I can help you with coaching:

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