The Goal Setting System

Learn how to set AND achieve resonating & thrilling goals.

Executive Coaching

In this video-led course, I will walk you through a solid, structured, actionable, and reusable 7-step process that will teach you how to set goals that matter and more importantly that you will achieve.

This digital course is aimed at leaders and anyone fed up with setting up goals at the beginning of the year and struggling to keep up with their commitments, often resulting in their giving up on their new year resolutions in a matter of weeks.

The course will be a good fit for you if:

  • Your goals at work are usually only set by your manager or company
  • You are unsure about what it is you should set as a resonating and fulfilling goal for the upcoming year
  • You lack a strong process to define goals and track them
  • Goals you set before were never inspiring nor resonating
  • You have a hard time prioritizing goals
  • You lack the confidence to stretch yourself when defining goals
  • You don’t know where to start with setting goals

If you recognized yourself in one of the above, then…

The Goal Setting System digital course is for you!

You will get all the tips and tools necessary for you to confidently define goals that will resonate with who you are, what you really want to achieve, and that will bring energizing and fulfilment to your life or work.

By the end of the video course, you will:


  • Have confidence using my proven 7-step process to define your own goals, and track them, staying accountable all along the way
  • Learn how to setup goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and time-bound, all you need to keep true to your commitments
  • Know what questions to ask yourself to align your goals with your own value system
  • Understand the root WHY that really makes your goal resonating and thrilling, thereby motivating you to achieve it
  • Have awareness of your self-limiting beliefs and fears that prevent you from achieving the goal you set for yourself. Most importantly, you will understand how these beliefs “lie” to you in trying to divert you from achieving your goal
  • Have a solid, structured, actionable plan that will keep you focused on achieving any goal you set for yourself

Years of experience as a leader and an executive coach have taught me that one of the top reasons people don’t feel fulfilled or happy in their life or their career is that they don’t set the right goals for themselves. In fact, many people let other people set the goals for them.

The result: They are frustrated, not motivated, drained, stressed, unhappy.

It could be that as a member of a team or a manager yourself, you let your manager and/or organization set your goals for yourself. It is fair to say that as a result, most if not none of these goals are truly appealing and fulfilling to you.

Or you might find yourself in the same situation year after year: You take on a few new year resolutions only to drop them a mere few weeks after the new year has started. And as a result, you feel angry and very frustrated by your failure to achieve your goals.

Finally, it could be that you dream of that big goal – a trip, a radical change at work, build a house, etc. – and you procrastinate because of self-limiting beliefs, fears or doubts. As a result, you are frustrated because these big ambitious goals never materialize for you.

Setting a goal that is resonating and thrilling AND achieving it requires much more than just a nice intention at the start of the year. You probably very well know already that this recipe does not work at all.

GOOD NEWS IS IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE THAT WAY! Yes, I can help you be done forever with the new year goals and resolutions that never get achieved. It is all about having a structured process taking you from A to B in how to set a goal and plan in a way that ensures you will achieve that goal no matter what. I am here to support as you learn about this process!

Is it about nailing any goal you or someone else is setting for yourself?


Most likely NOT!


Is it about learning a process that makes you select the most resonating and thrilling goals, the ones that matter and that you will confidently achieve with no doubt and fear?


This is a resounding YES!


See what other leaders are saying!



Module 1 | Who Are You?

In this module, we will do a deep dive on your values, what matters the most to you, through a coaching visualization and a fun value card deck exercise. Then, you’ll work on your wheel of life to identify the area of your life or career that you want to impact the most. This will set the foundations for how you will define your goal in the second part of the course.

Module 2 | Coming Up With Goals

In this module, you will practice an easy technique to come up with a lot of goals in a minimum of time. And then, you will learn what key question to ask yourself in order to identify the most resonating and thrilling goal you should work on for maximum impact and fulfillment.

Module 3 | Designing & Achieving Your Goal

In this module, I will walk you through my 7-step process that ensures you create a solid, structured, and actionable plan to achieve any goal you set. At the end of this module, you will understand all steps needed to achieve your goal, keep yourself accountable, and have a tracking system in place to measure your progress. At the cost of only a few minutes per day.


PLUS, these bonuses will provide you with a lot more value and a structured way to take immediate action, and impact your leadership positively when it comes to communication.


A full downloadable copy of all the slide decks used in the digital course

  • This is 14 slide decks covering the entire Goal Setting System course
  • Covering the full hour of video content for the course


11 tools and templates that you can reuse, modify and tailor to your needs and that cover the entire goal setting process.


A 20% discount off any of my individual coaching package if you decide that coaching may be something for you and that I can support you in setting resonating and thrilling goals.


And a few other nuggets!


When you enroll in The Goal Setting System, this is what you get:

15 videos – a total of 1 hour – that will walk you through The Goal Setting System at your own paceation

You will learn a solid, structured, actionable, and reusable model to set AND achieve resonating and thrilling goals

You will understand what self-limiting beliefs have prevented you from achieving goals in the past, and how to counter them

You will be able to set goals that are fully aligned with your values and what it is you want to achieve in life or at work

You will have a recipe that keeps you fully in action and accountable for making your goals a reality

Once you enroll, you get immediate lifetime access to the entire content, with no restrictions. The videos and accompanying material equip you with a solid process to set goals and more importantly, to achieve them no matter what. Each lesson is designed with specific questions for reflection and actions that you can implement immediately after viewing the video.

As an additional benefit, I will have your back and extend a 14-day money back guarantee.

This course is for anyone who is truly COMMITTED to achieve goals in life or at work that matter to them and who are SERIOUS about stepping up and take ACTION in order to learn and own a solid process to set AND achieve goal.

I guarantee that if you apply the learnings and tools I introduce in the videos, you will be able to achieve any goal you set for yourself, regardless of how big this goal is. At work, you will benefit by setting goals that matter to you, and that support your growth and career, rather than the interests of someone else.

The path to owning your life by setting resonating & thrilling goals starts here!
What is the time investment required to complete the course?

Each lesson has a video of 2 to 7 minutes that can be watched at the time you choose. I split the course purposely in small lessons, so that you can be flexible with your learning and do each lesson in small increments of 5-10 minutes when you have time. Overall, the entire course takes about 2 hours to complete, if you do all exercises and reflect on the questions asked. There is no end time to the course once you enroll.

What happens once I have completed the course?

You retain full lifetime access to the course content, so can rewatch the videos at any time, plus access and download the additional material. The bonuses are also for you for life, including my offer for a 20% off of my coaching packages.

Is this course only for anyone?

Yes, definitely. While most of my coaching clients are managers, I created The Goal Setting System with the intention that it should be for anyone struggling to set resonating and thrilling goals. I know from experience how tricky it can be to set a goal and to achieve it. I also know that many people fail to achieve their goals because they lack a strong process. The Goal Setting System reconciles this by teaching a process I have used successfully and that I know works when you want to achieve a specific goal, whatever that goal is.

What if I want more than just the course? I am really struggling with achieving goals.

There are several ways I can help you:

  1. You can contact me at anytime at and book a free 30-minute Exploration session to discuss your current challenges and how coaching may help you.
  2. I offer several personal coaching programs that can support you in setting goals that matter and take action and stay accountable to achieve them. One benefit of joining The Goal Setting System is that you get a 20% discount off any of my coaching packages.
  3. In The Goal Setting System course, I also have a special offer for a 60-minute 1:1 coaching session that you can use to bring any topic related to achieving a particular goal and I can help you putting the whole model into practice.
Do you offer the course for larger groups or corporations?

Yes, I can work with you to create a special offer for your team or organization.

You can safely take this course and the 14-day risk free money back guarantee attached to it if you can relate strongly to any of the following in your current leadership role:

  • You are struggling with staying accountable to the goals you set for yourself
  • You don’t feel energized by your goals because they have not been set by yourself
  • You don’t know where to start with goal setting and planning
  • You shy away from setting the BIG dream goal for yourself because you are full of doubts and beliefs that whatever you do, you won’t achieve it
  • You don’t know what makes a goal really resonating and thrilling, but you are very eager to learn a process to understand this

If you came this far, it’s because you start seeing that what you have experienced in the past when setting goals and failing to achieve them is not a curse or the norm. You know this course will make a difference for you, by walking you through at your own pace a solid, structured, actionable, and reusable process to set AND achieve goals that are resonating with who you are and that you will be highly motivated to achieve.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. - Henry Ford

I created The Goal Setting System because like you today, I used to struggle to set fulfilling goals and achieve them. Like you, I had doubts, I was stressed when thinking about how to set goals. I used to be very disappointed in myself when I set a goal only to give up on it in a matter of weeks.

My work to find and improve on several techniques and processes I have learned about to set goals has allowed me to be much better at setting them, and more importantly at achieving them. With The Goal Setting System, I want to share what I have learned.

Let’s face it, not everyone has time to do the research, read the books, experiment with processes or ideas, and come up with their own process to set goals and achieve them. The Goal Setting System cuts through these steps for you and hands over a full coverage of this topic.

My promise to you is that if you apply the techniques and tools I show you in the videos, you will quickly improve your ability to set the right goals for yourself, and stay accountable to achieve them, no matter what.

Now’s your chance! Sign up below!



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