Master Difficult Conversations for Leaders

Learn to communicate effectively in any leadership situations.

Executive Coaching

In this video-led course, you will learn how to give clear, relevant, and actionable feedback to your peers and managers, manage the relationship with your manager, and engage in communication that creates trust, empowerment, and accountability.

This video-course is aimed at leaders who want to enhance their executive presence by strengthening their communication skills but struggle to have efficient conversations with the people on their teams, their manager or other stakeholders.

The course will be a good fit for you if you are:

  • Just starting as a manager and need to understand how to give feedback effectively or conduct a constructive 1-1 or annual review conversation
  • Stressed about having difficult conversations with other people
  • Unsure how to tell your manager what you need from them
  • Lacking confidence to step up and tell your manager or another stakeholder that they are making a mistake
  • Not knowing how to create trust and empowerment in your team
  • Afraid of damaging good relationships by having tough conversations

If you recognized yourself in one of the above, then…

The Master Difficult Conversations for Leaders Course is for you!

You will get all the tips and tools necessary for you to confidently prepare for your next difficult conversation and lead from a stronger position.

By the end of the video course, you will:


  • Confidently give feedback, good or bad, to anyone, based on my proposed three-step model
  • Learn how to empower your team and get people more accountable by focusing on learning rather than criticism
  • Know how to develop a strong relationship with your manager and other senior leaders through mutual confidence and integrity
  • Gain self-awareness of where you struggle today in your communication and improve from there
  • Build trust with your team, manager, and stakeholders through much enhanced communication skills
  • Know what questions you need to ask in a 1-1 or annual review conversation, in order to create engagement and high performance
  • Understand how to step up with great resolve and tell your manager or another leader that you disagree or that they are making a mistake

Years of experience as a leader and an executive coach have taught me that the number 1 challenge facing virtually any leader at some point in their career is around communication.

It could be that you are a first-time manager, lacking much needed leadership development necessary to lead teams, and you just don’t know how to conduct an efficient 1-1 or annual review discussion.

As a seasoned leader, you may still struggle and stress over with the prospect of having a difficult conversation with someone on your team or another stakeholder.

Or you might have found yourself in situations where you disagreed with your manager but group pressure or fear of damaging a relationship prevented you from saying anything.

Communicating effectively requires much more than just talking.

GOOD NEWS IS YES! I can help you get over that anxiety, stress, fear of having difficult conversations. It is all about being courageous, looking oneself in a mirror, recognize self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from communicating effectively and taking action. I am here to support you taking these steps!

Is it about becoming the best speaker or communicator the world has seen?


Definitely NOT!


Is it about being your authentic leader and communicate from a grounded, confident, and empowering position?


This is a resounding YES!


See what other leaders are saying!



Video 1 | Giving Proper Feedback

In this video, I will first show you why so many leaders fail at giving proper, efficient feedback. I’ll teach you the traps to avoid when giving feedback. I will explain how using a simple three-step model can help you give much better feedback, in a confident way, while allowing you to step up as a strong leader who builds trust, empowerment and accountability with your team.

Video 2 | Communicating with Your Boss(es)

In this video, you will learn the steps to building a great relationship with your many bosses in your company. Steps that show that you are a leader with a lot of integrity and ethics, a leader able to create mutual trust by knowing how to tell someone you disagree with them or they are making a mistake. And all this done without damaging your relationship.

Video 3 | Efficient Annual Reviews and 1-1’s

In this video, I will teach you how to conduct the most efficient individual interactions with people on your team or any other person by focusing on the questions that really matter. I will help you understand what questions are really relevant in such discussions and how they allow you, the leader, to create trust, empowerment, and accountability, eventually leading to greater performance and productivity.


PLUS, these bonuses will provide you with a lot more value and a structured way to take immediate action, and impact your leadership positively when it comes to communication.


With each video, you’ll get access to the following additional material

  • Full English transcript of the video
  • Templates and tools that you can use to deepen your learning and forward the action


A list of recommended articles and books to read on communication for further reflection.


A 20% discount off any of my individual coaching package if you decide that coaching may be something for you and that I can support you as your personal coach in becoming the leader you aspire to be.


When you enroll in my 3-video course, this is what you get:

3 videos – a total of 51 minutes – that will show you how to enhance your leadership presence through better communication

You will learn a simple model to give effective and confident feedback to anyone

You will know the key actions to implement with your boss to have a great relationship, filled with mutual trust, integrity, and shared leadership

You will be able to conduct annual reviews or 1-1’s discussions in a way that creates trust, empowerment, and accountability

You will have a recipe to bring your team to high performance and improved productivity

Once you enroll, you get immediate lifetime access to the entire content, with no restrictions. The videos and accompanying material equip you for better communication skills, through deepened learning and reflection, and calls to action you can implement immediately after viewing the videos.

Each video is independent from the others and the videos can be watched in any order you’d like.

As an additional benefit, I will have your back and extend a 14-day money back guarantee.

This course is for leaders who are truly COMMITTED to enhance their leadership presence and who are SERIOUS about stepping up and take ACTION in order to communicate from a position of confidence.

I guarantee that if you apply the learnings and tools I introduce in the videos, you will see a significant improvement of your ability to communicate. As a leader, you will experience more trust from your team and manager. You will also be equipped with strong tools to drive empowerment and accountability.

The path to high-performance leadership starts here!
What is the time investment required to complete the course?

Each video is between 13 and 20 minutes and can be watched at the time you choose. There is no end time to the course once you enroll.

What happens once I have completed the course?

You retain full lifetime access to the course content, so can rewatch the videos at any time, plus access and download the additional material.

Is this course only for first-time managers?

Definitely not. While first-time managers will undoubtedly benefit greatly from the course – because let’s face it, many people become first-time managers without the proper leadership development program – the course is also very valuable for any seasoned leader and executive who experience stress, anxiety, fear at the thought of having a difficult conversation. The course can also serve as a great refresher to anyone in a leadership position and who wants to deepen their knowledge.

What if I want more than just the course? I am really struggling with communication.

You can contact me at anytime at and book a free 30-minute coaching discussion to discuss your current challenges and how coaching may help you. I offer several personal coaching programs that can support you in stepping up as a strong leader and enhancing your communication skills.

Do you offer the course for larger groups or corporations?

Yes, I can work with you to create a special offer for your team or organization.

You can safely take this course and the 14-day risk free money back guarantee attached to it if you can relate strongly to any of the following in your current leadership role:

  • You are a newly promoted or first-time manager and you lack the necessary training to communicate effectively with your team
  • You very often feel anxiety, stress, fear, and other unpleasant negative emotions when you need to have a difficult conversation with someone
  • Your communication with your manager is not great and you don’t feel that you have established yet the mutual trust necessary for you and them to succeed
  • You know that creating trust and empowerment is key to having a high-performing team. You just don’t know how to trigger them
  • You sometimes disagree with people who are above your in the hierarchy – including your own manager – but you have no clue how to express your disagreement in a confident and constructive manner

If you came this far, it’s because at your core, you know you need better communication to be a stronger leader, and you know this course will make a difference for you on the trust, empowerment and accountability you can create with your team through improved communication.

Communication works for those who work at it. - John Powell

I created this 3-video series on communication because like you, I am a leader of a team, and like you, I sometimes struggle when having difficult conversations.

My experience as a leader and a coach clearly shows that communication is a leader’s number 1 challenge, whatever their position, their seniority level, their years of experience.

Let’s face it, few companies spend the time that would be needed on true, relevant leadership development, especially around efficient communication. My course intends to be a step in the right direction to address this deficiency.

My promise to you is that if you apply the techniques and tools I show you in the videos, you will quickly enhance your communication skills and be able to master difficult conversations with anyone.

Now’s your chance! Sign up below!



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