Leadership Workshops

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Here are corporate workshops that can be tailored to your organization’s needs. They are particularly relevant for first-time managers, leaders in transition to a new role, seasoned executives or HR and Learning professionals. Contact me to discuss your needs and how I can best support your leaders growth.

The Leader as a Coach

Duration: 4 hours
Group size: 8 to 16 participants
Language: English, French or German

An efficient leader is someone who can coach their team. Being a leader and a coach will require shifting from teaching someone how to do their job and evaluating their performance to giving strong support and guidance to your people so they can continue to thrive in ever-changing environments and challenges.


There are many skills that come handy to allow you doing that. As a senior executive and a certified coach, my experience has taught me that 2 skills are paramount if you want to excel as leader and coach for your team and organization.


In this 4-hour workshop, I will coach you on how to use these 2 key skills and how you can start to use them immediately with your team and broader organization to produce significant efficiency. By using these 2 skills and acting as a coach, you will for instance better manage conflicts, handle one-to-one and annual performance review discussions in a much more efficient way, and you will create trust in your team.


The workshop can be designed to fit your organizational needs and is particularly tailored for first-time or seasoned managers and HR professionals who want to take their leadership skills to the next level by taking a coach approach to their leadership and management.


Participants will leave the workshop equipped with a solid foundation of critical coaching techniques and will have plenty of opportunities to coach and get coached during the workshop.

Learning Objectives & Benefits:

  • Understand the fundamental difference between Coaching and Mentoring
  • Learn 2 key coaching skills to up your game as a leader and coach
  • Discuss how using each skill significantly enhances your leadership presence
  • Have a clear action plan on how to start using the 2 coaching skills immediately
  • Improved communication skills
  • Enhanced team performance through higher trust and empowerment
  • Increased productivity

MasterMind Group Coaching

Time: 90 minutes x 8 sessions
Group size: 6 participants
Language: English, French or German

This coaching program relies on the “hotseat” format, in which at each 90-minute bi-monthly meeting, participants take turns in the hotseat, presenting a current leadership challenge that they are facing and asking for input, while their fellow group coachees support a thorough brainstorming process. The idea of the MasterMind Group Coaching is to help generate questions, thoughts rather just offer ideas or advice.


The MasterMind format is particularly suited for seasoned leaders and professionals who share similar challenges and need a sound board for listening, reflection, and exchange of ideas. It is a particularly strong means of leveraging each other’s knowledge and expertise to address challenges and attain leadership goals.


This format is limited to 6 participants only and each participant will be required to attend all 8 bi-monthly 90-minute sessions (1 introductory session, 6 coaching sessions where participants take turn, 1 closing session). In addition to the sessions, the program can be tailored to your needs to include 1-1 coaching for each of the participants.

A typical agenda for a MasterMind session might look like this:

Welcome and get connected – What has happened since we last met (update from last hotseat taker + others on learnings and personal experimentation from last session) – 10 minutes



  • Self-reflection and focus – 2 minutes
  • Case giver describes their leadership topic/challenge and requests help – 15 minutes
  • Stillness (What is emerging? What are the feelings?) – 3 minutes
  • Mirroring (Group members share what they are noticing) – 15 minutes
  • Generative dialogue (Case giver listens, takes notes) – 30 minutes
  • Closing remarks and acknowledgment – 10 minutes
  • Silent journaling (What did I learn?) – 3 minutes


Case giver picks an accountability partner for his actions, experiments – 1 minute


Closing – Pick up case giver and timekeeper for next session – 1 minute

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

Benefits of the MasterMind Group Coaching include:

  • Work on real life leadership challenges with other people who are not biased by the issue you bring
  • Get feedback specifically oriented to your stated needs and goals
  • Discuss in a safe space where you can be vulnerable, courageous, acknowledged and encouraged
  • Leverage resources and experiences from a diverse group of experts and professional peers
  • Get an actionable plan that you can commit to at the end of the session
  • Build an ongoing network of leaders that will end any feeling of being alone at the helm